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20 Modern Wall Sconces That Will Wow You


Emergency Lighting, Is It Necessary?

Emergency lights are battery powered lighting devices that automatically come on when a building undergoes a power outage. These are standard in new commercial and high occupancy residential buildings and most building codes now require that they be installed in older buildings, as well. At this point, emergency lighting is not required in residential homes […]

Lighting Your Artwork with Modern Light Fixtures

While the finest art will look pretty good in any light, there are methods that can be used to properly light art in museums to make it look like the masterpiece it is. Lighting is critical and even the slightest difference in direction or type of bulb (fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, natural) can make all the […]

The Best of Lighting for the Modern Home

Thanks to modern technology and globalization, it is possible to order the best of modern home lighting sitting in your home and not even stepping out into the streets. Modern lighting does not care for any restrictions. You can find aesthetically tasteful and finely crafted European lighting in innovative designs to suit all budgets. There […]

Beautiful Floor Lamps & Table Lamps for Discerning Home Owners

Contemporary living conditions have made it possible for one to buy a large and rich variety of modern lighting. These lighting options are now available in various forms and styles. Some of these styles include contemporary chandeliers and modern floor lamps besides dazzling wall sconces and beautiful ceiling lights. You will also find very impressive […]

Impressive Chandeliers and Ingo Maurer Lighting for Modern Homes

If you are looking for varieties in modern lighting, Interior Deluxe offers numerous types of lighting for you. In the different styles, you have dazzling contemporary chandeliers and artistic pendant lights. There are creative wall sconces and beautiful table lamps, ceiling lights and floor lamps among several others. Similarly, if you are interested in placing […]

Get Quality European & Restaurant Lighting for Amazing Illumination

The industry of lighting fixtures, today, is awash with a large collection of lights from famous brands like AV Mazzega, Baltensweiler, and Bestlite, Décor Walther, Luz Difusion and MetalSpot. There is a plethora of choices to choose from chandeliers, wall scones, suspension lamps, table lamps, recessed lights, floor lamps, outdoor lighting fixtures, pendants and display […]