Modern Accent Lighting

Lighting Your Artwork with Modern Light Fixtures

While the finest art will look pretty good in any light, there are methods that can be used to properly light art in museums to make it look like the masterpiece it is. Lighting is critical and even the slightest difference in direction or type of bulb (fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, natural) can make all the […]

Modern Accent Lighting for Transforming Your Environment

There is a large selection of contemporary lighting fixtures in all the professional companies that deal with quality European lighting under one roof. These fixtures consist of different styles that include artistically designed chandeliers and beautiful wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps among several others. Companies such as Interior Deluxe have some of the finest […]

Modern Accent Lighting For Outdoor Illumination

The modern accent lighting fixtures are made to serve dual purposes. First, the modern outdoor lighting illuminates the decorative show pieces and sculptures along the patio, swimming pool deck and sidewalks. Secondly, these lights also provide security and safety to the outdoors by keeping the entryway well-lit. Not to mention, the accent lighting fixtures are […]