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Pendant Lighting for Modern Bathroom Lighting and Dining Table Lighting

Pendant lighting fixtures are popular choice among interior designers for almost every illumination need – be it dining table lighting or modern bathroom lighting. The nature of lights is such that it helps break monotony in a room and add a certain dash of style. It is even an easier choice where horizontal space is […]

Difference Between Contemporary & Modern Home Lighting Designs

The difference between contemporary and modern home lighting appears subtle and hence the terms are used almost interchangeably. However, unlike common perception, the two terms represent different eras and styles altogether. While modern designs evolved in Germany in around 1920s, contemporary designs are rather recent. Modern bathroom lighting, for example, would be more like simplified […]

Order Modern Contemporary Lighting Fixtures within your Budget

There are a large number of contemporary lighting fixtures that can be used in your home or the office. Therefore, you may use chandeliers or pendants and wall sconces or table lamps and ceiling lights and floor lamps as well as recessed lighting or track lighting depending upon your objective. There are attractive modern light […]

The Modern Range Of Wall Lighting Fixtures & Table Lamps

When decorating your home sweet home, you cannot afford to be lenient while choosing various forms lighting sources. The contemporary range of wall lighting fixtures, ceiling lights, modern table lamps and track lights solves dual purpose of both as source of light and elegant show pieces. Not to mention, the mind blowing variety in lighting […]

Choosing Right Table Lamp

Modern table lamps add decor to the modern lighting theme; and are essential for table tops, counters, desks, consoles and accent tables. Table lamps come in a variety of shape, size and decor for various spaces within a house. Table lamps in the living room can be placed in between sofas or chairs without obstructing […]

About Various Kitchen Light Fixtures

When it comes to kitchen light fixtures, nothing exceeds the popularity of modern lighting fixtures that include contemporary chandeliers, pendant lights and wall sconces. However, decorative lighting is not the only objective you keep in mind while buying lighting fixtures for your kitchen. It should be a comfortable room, full of light and warmth, just […]

Buying Attractive Wall Light Fixtures

Lighting up a room nowadays is not only just that. There is a fair amount of professional angle to this issue that till recently just meant more light or less depending upon the size of the room. Today, there are leading stockists in modern lighting that offer a large variety of wall light fixtures, chandeliers, […]